A Week of Relaxation…and Food!

Most of my spring breaks throughout college have involved me heading back to my parents’ house for a week and doing a combination of vegging on the couch, catching up on PRSSA stuff and working on finding summer internships. Not the most exciting.

This year my amazing boyfriend treated me to a Caribbean cruise to Haiti, Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel! We went down to Orlando a week early and went to Disney World (my first time) and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter (also my first time). It was such a nice break from school, work and SNOW to be in the warm weather and have a little fun.

2011 Grads! I seriously considered buying this and wearing it to graduation instead of an MSU cap.

 Naturally, whenever someone asked what I was most excited about for the cruise, I said “the food.” We ate in the dining room every night and I was able to try so many different kinds of food and preparations that I have only heard about on Iron Chef. Here’s a little glimpse of some of the tasty offerings.

Ok, so I’ve had shrimp cocktail before, but how pretty is this presentation? The shrimp were HUGE and we definitely took advantage of second helpings.

Herb-roasted lamb with potato croquettes. I’m a big fan of lamb now.

Tropical fruit medley on puff pastry. I ended up opting for a lot of the lighter, fruity desserts because I was so stuffed from the appetizers and main course.

I made it my mission to drink out of a coconut at least once on one of the islands. When we got to Jamaica there were a number of fruit stands where they would grab a coconut out of a tub of ice water, hack it open with a machete and pop a straw into it. I was ECSTATIC. The coconut water had a nice, mellow flavor. We also got a bag of sugarcane to chew on, which was a cool experience, and of course a Red Stripe. How much more Jamaican does it get?

Lobster tail! This was my very first time having lobster and I have to say, it was pretty tasty. I wasn’t quite blown away with it like I was expecting to be, but I’ve been told I need to head to Maine to really have that experience.

Dessert platter with rum cake, chocolate mouse and cheesecake. The drizzled sauces really helped to amp up the flavors in these treats.

In addition to these photos, a few other new things I got to try included watermelon gazpacho, escargot, pasta with truffle oil and a ton of different delicious soups. The best part of the whole experience was being able to try these different meals knowing I wasn’t going to have to pay a $60 bill at the end of the meal - and if I didn’t like something our servers were happy to bring something else out!

What has been your favorite new kind of food or preparation that you’ve tried recently?